Friday, February 27, 2009


Ok. It's been annoying me lately how un-fashionable most of the designer/chain store ventures have become. With the exception of Target's Go International designers and their own in house crew, most of the other big name designer to create collections for cheaper brands have flopped. the Simply Vera Vera Wang collection at Kohls is about as boring as it gets, with such "noteworthy" items as these gracing the racks:

I mean really? How are those pieces any different from what you can already get at Kohls? They're boring and pointless, and if the issue is designers not wanting to get too "high fashion-y" for fear that no one will buy the pieces, then's what's the point to begin with?

But I think someone out there must feel the way I do, because after boring/ugly/nothing special collections from Abaete, Patricia Field, Lela Rose, and Alice + Olivia, Payless has signed on Christian Siriano to design a collection to come out this fall. The previous deigners Payless has brought in have completely missed the mark in my opinion. Abaete and Lela Rose weren't anything to talk about; mostly simple heels you can wear to work. Patricia Field designed platform pumps and boots for drag queens, and Alice + Olivia gave us human sized Barbie shoes that looked as cheap as they were. BUT, thanks to Project Runway's 4th season winner, we might finally get something truly fashionable.

EEEEE! They actually look like something you could find at Barney's or on some fabulous vogue editor's feet on Jak + Jil blog. Now, of course they won't be real leather, and yes, many a person has discussed the resemblance between them and Rodarte's shoes from a few season's ago, but for those of us who crave high fashion but don't have the budget, they just might be the perfect remedy.

Here's to Fall 09.

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