Saturday, January 31, 2009

The New Speakeasy

Ok. So remember that crazy time when alcohol was prohibited and people had to sneak around and find some secret place to get crunk? Well, thankfully those times are past us, but that doesn't mean that the mysterious, exciting world of the speakeasy is gone.

There are a bunch of so called "speakeasys" in NYC, which basically mean that you have to know where they are and how to get in, and some of them you need a membership (which you get when you're recommended by a current member). I myself have only been to one, and it doesn't quite fit the mold of the modern day speakeasy, but you wouldn't know it was there if you walked by it. It's called La Esquina and its in SoHo. You go in through a door in the back of this little Mexican restaurant, and after a short trip down the stairs you find yourself in a darkly lit room with Mexican masks and twinkly lights. I was introduced to the place on the night of my 21st birthday, which was a fun way to celebrate it.

Another hidden bar is PDT (Please Don't Tell), which I have the good fortune of living above on St. Marks Place in the East Village. If you manage to get past the delicious hot dog restaurant Crif Dogs which houses it, and find the telephone booth, you're almost there. Just pick up the phone, give them your name, and as long as you have a reservation the back of the phone booth will open and there you go, instant time machine. Haven't checked it out soon, but one of these days for sure.

The last one, the most famous, and the hardest to get into, is Milk and Honey. It holds a certiain urban myth-like reputation, but it has a website, so it's out there to a certain extent. All you need to get in is to have your membership application accepted (be warned, there's a waiting list). Oh, and pay a mere $584 membership fee. Which means I probably won't be seeing the inside of it any time soon.

Something about the idea of stepping into a hidden place full of other people who are in on the secret as well is so...exciting. I plan to try out a few more places and I'll give you the full review when I do.



Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inspirations Galore

Man, does my internet deserve a whooping right now. Technically I can't be too mad since I've been stealing wireless from various sources since moving into my new apt. 4 weeks ago, and thus getting it free, but now it's stopped working for the most part. I am an internetaholic and get almost panicky if I go too long without being able to look up that restaraunt I passed in the cab or the new shoes I saw in Forever 21. BUT, Friday the roomies and I are shelling it out for a router, so it should be much easier to get a fix after that.

Anyhoo, I'm taking this opportunity to update on here, so off we go!
My two bigs inspirations/drool inducers of the moment are the S/S 09 Louis Vuitton collection, Tom Binns, and the Diorette rings. Shall we take a looksie at what exactly I'm talking about?
Aren't they GORGEOUS!!! The textures and patterns along with the feathers and chunky beaded necklaces are amazing. My favorite is the orange/purple striped shirt with the bronze skirt. Its such a bold choice for any woman to wear, especially with the shoes.

The two rings are Diorette and they're a beautiful combination of amethyst, diamond, and topaz. They're so perfectly whimsical, how could you not help but smile when wearing one of these on your fingers? The diamond necklace and the blue gem cuff are Tom Binns, which is a relatively new discovery of mine (not that I'm the one who discovered him). They are chunky and have a lovely mix of antinque and modern. I'm seeing seeing so many chunky, tangled necklaces in magazines these days, but Mr. Binns is by far my favorite.
Ok lovers,
Ta for now

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bonjour and my surprising new obsession

Hi! year, new blog. My old one wasn't getting any attention, and I wanted to start fresh with a clear point of view and set goals. So here we are! I've been living in NYC for 5 months now and loving every second of it. There is currently the most gorgeous layer of snow on the ground and I've found myself standing on my fire escape in the freezing cold staring out at a white-dusted St. Marks Place.

But, getting down to business. In the past, I was never very attracted to really sculptural shoes. I appreciated them as art, but couldn't really see myself wearing them. But I've been frequenting more high fashion blogs like Sea of Shoes ( and I've TOTALLY changed my mind.

Right now, I'm basically drooling over Nicholas Kirkwood.

These remind me of Batman and a dragonfly all rolled up in a beautiful little whimsical/badass-y package.

And these: so deliciously hot pink with the classic little wedge platform under the toes...perfection

And these...if the Goddess Nike lived in Paris, she would wear these.
I think the idea of perfection would be to wear any of them with an amazing little black dress and minimal jewelry. Especially the hot pink ones. They are the only accessory you need and could completely carry a look.
Anyway. I haven't NEARLY the money to afford any shoes like these, but I can make outfits in my head and plan out where I'd wear them, right?
That's all for now, I gotta go watch the snow....

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