Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bonjour and my surprising new obsession

Hi! year, new blog. My old one wasn't getting any attention, and I wanted to start fresh with a clear point of view and set goals. So here we are! I've been living in NYC for 5 months now and loving every second of it. There is currently the most gorgeous layer of snow on the ground and I've found myself standing on my fire escape in the freezing cold staring out at a white-dusted St. Marks Place.

But, getting down to business. In the past, I was never very attracted to really sculptural shoes. I appreciated them as art, but couldn't really see myself wearing them. But I've been frequenting more high fashion blogs like Sea of Shoes ( and I've TOTALLY changed my mind.

Right now, I'm basically drooling over Nicholas Kirkwood.

These remind me of Batman and a dragonfly all rolled up in a beautiful little whimsical/badass-y package.

And these: so deliciously hot pink with the classic little wedge platform under the toes...perfection

And these...if the Goddess Nike lived in Paris, she would wear these.
I think the idea of perfection would be to wear any of them with an amazing little black dress and minimal jewelry. Especially the hot pink ones. They are the only accessory you need and could completely carry a look.
Anyway. I haven't NEARLY the money to afford any shoes like these, but I can make outfits in my head and plan out where I'd wear them, right?
That's all for now, I gotta go watch the snow....

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