Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Great Bridesmaid Dress Search of '09

Ok, so my sister is getting married in October (WOOOOOT), and I'm the Maid of Honor! She's decided that instead of picking one dress for everyone to get, she's chosen a color and letting everyone pick their own dress. She picked gray as her color (which is oddly fitting since that's her middle name; the name of our father's father's mother), and since filling the order and tailoring the dress will take 3-4 months, my mom and I went to look for dresses this weekend when I was at home for Easter. We hit up two bridal boutiques, one of which is the one my sister's dress comes from, and also Macy's, Nordstrom and Jessica McClintock.

Here are (at the moment) the contenders. They're all available in some shade of gray, though not all the pictures are shown in gray.

From J Crew:

From Dessy:

(the navy one comes in a middle shade gray, and it's kind of hard to see the really pretty cross pleating on the bust, but it's there)

From Alvina Valenta:

(it comes in gunmetal, which is a kind of dark gray, and I love the chic cut and the pleated collar. I think it's so different!)

And finally from Adrianna Papell:

So that's it so far, but new dresses come out everday! I'll try and find a picture of my sister's dress to put up here; it's so lovely.



  1. Vickiiii!

    I like the first one from JCrew with the collar the best. Strapless dresses aren't usually my favorite, and I like the collar detail, the pleats, and the waist band. The Adrianna Papell is interesting too though!

  2. Oh my, I wanted to tell you what I thought about the dresses and I AGREE EXACTLY with your friend above!!!!!!


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